Qualcomm Announces New Audio Products

Smart home technology is the next big trend as far as consumer electronics is concerned. This trend is creating ample and exciting opportunities for product designers, chip and component manufacturers. In order to meet the demands of customers, Qualcomm has announced a range of new audio products. The Voice and Music Division of Qualcomm, at a conference in Shenzhen announced the headphone named CSRA68100, which has wireless speakers and high-end flash chip and a new range of Bluetooth SoCs, supporting mid-tier products that come under the QCC3XXX family.

DDFA Class D Amplifier: A Powerful Speaker Set up

Another product revealed by Qualcomm is the WHS9420, which caters to the new wired connections and USB type C devices. The company has also introduced DDFA class-D amplifier, which is a powerful speaker set up. Qualcomm aims to develop top tier Snapdragon 8XX platforms, which can make its way to home platforms and smart speakers, among others. Machine learning for voice recognition and speaker identification has become essential and thus, will be put to much use.

Features of Smart Audio Platform

Qualcomm also unveiled its new smart audio platform, based on Snapdragon, which offers enhanced processing power as required by the smart home speakers available today. The smart audio platform has an edge over others as it offers noise cancellation as well as is compatible with the AllPlay equipped speakers, which is becoming popular these days. Further, the smart audio platform supports 24-but aptX HD wireless audio. In addition to these aforementioned features, the smart audio platform also supports touch controls, supports display, and possesses configurable speaker output power.

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